Shenzhen JSVape Technology Co., Ltd.

About US

Established in 2015, Ji Shi is the culmination of over 10 years of quality industry innovation. 
Jordan and Bella created Shenzhen Js vape Technology Co.,Ltd with the hope delivering a pure and consistent user experience without compromise or exception. 
Since 2009, Jordan brings extensive experience in developing and marketing electronic cigarettes. 
In 2020, Js vape expanded into worldwide sales with Bella’s support. Headquartered in Shenzhen, 
Js Vape originated from a trusted domestic brand providing  premium disposable and intuitive electronic cigarettes to millions of enthusiasts. 
Bringing knowledge and expertise from domestic sales, 
Jordan and Bella are committed to manufacturing modernized vape technology for today’s discerning global clientele.  

The combination of cube and crystal is the essence of the Ji Shi vape logo. 
The clarity and brilliance of crystal represent the enduring pureness of our product and the transparency of design and production. 
Drawing inspiration from the sharpness and fine edges among the boarders of the cube, 
Ji Shi is committed to our goal of being at the cutting edge of the global vape market. 

The six individual faces of a cube also represent the six skilled teams which make up Js Vape: design,  
research and development, production, quality control, marketing, and logistics. 
Together these symbols represent the spirit of Ji Shi, crystal and cube symbolizing purity and innovation. 

Js Vape was developed with the goal of perpetual innovation. Js stands for Ji Shi, “limitless stone.” 
Drawn from the concept of stone marble chiseled and molded by skilled artists,  the future of Js Vape is to always provide refined products and services. 
From initial blueprints to final product,  our company is equipped with every element of a first-class operation. 
From design, R&D, production, and quality control,  our skilled teams will build and perfect a product from inspiration and make dream into reality. 
Js Vape intends to become the most trusted and innovative brand in the global electronic cigarette market.


From concept to reality, 
Js Vape is devoted to the designing
and innovating the next generation of health conscious, 
non-combustible cigarette  products for consumers worldwide.